Sunday, January 24, 2010

Two New FM Antennas from APS

Antenna Performance Specialties have 2 new FM antenna designs available.   My guess is that these are decent performers "out of spec'd band",  so that they would be good across the FM band for at least receive purposes.  

Catchy names too! 

FM High-5

Specs & Details

Price: $149.95 
Boom Length: 53.5"
Elements: 5 (1 driven)
Turning Radius: 29"
Frequency Range: 104.5-108 MHz
Average Gain: 5.3 dBd
Average Front-to-Back Ratio: 17 dB
Impedence: 75 0hms
Average SWR: <1.5:1

FM Low-6

Specs & Details

Price: $149.95 
Boom Length: 80" 
Elements: 6 (1 driven)
Turning Radius: 44.5"
Frequency Range: 88-92 MHz
Average Gain: 7.3 dBd
Average Front-to-Back Ratio: 19 dB
Impedence: 75 0hms
Average SWR: <1.5:1>

Features  Common to Both

Computer designed using State-of-the-Art software.
Weather sealed coaxial direct-connection for protection against the elements.
Closely spaced and coupled driven element/1st director for a superior impedance match.
Element lengths and spacings tapered for highest efficiency.
Real 75 ohm impedence; no balun transformer is used.

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