Sunday, January 31, 2010

Antenna Spotting Through the Windshield

I admit to consciously scanning for antennas, towers, and other television and radio receive and transmit antennas and equipment, on the road.   Didnt know it was so common!

Surfin': Radio-Spotting Through the Windshield

By Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU
January 29, 2010

On the road, Surfin' views the world of radio through the windshield

Last week, I wrote how as a ham, I see radio everywhere. I cited, for example, spotting ham radios in motion pictures that I happen to be viewing for entertainment -- not for their ham radio content.
I am not alone. Some Surfin' readers wrote to say that they also view the world through radio-colored glasses.
One reader reminded me of a facet of radio-spotting that I do so automatically that I do not even think about anymore. In his memory-rattling comment, he wrote, "I am often reminded by my wife to watch the road as we drive along when I spot an interesting antenna on a house or a hill."
I am in the same driver's seat whenever I am on the road. You probably are, too. I am always making mental notes of new antenna installations that I spot during my travels.
It never gets old. Every day during my morning commute, I skirt West Peak in Meriden, Connecticut; this hill spots an impressive collection of antenna farms resting on its crown. Depending on traffic, I try to sneak a peek to admire the hardware installed up there.
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