Monday, January 25, 2010

Battle over Tower in Minnesota

Who should take over radio tower: County or township?

The privately owned tower was donated to the township, but Carver County uses it for public safety communications.


Looks like the Township from all accounts owns the property and the tower. Either the county can pay the rental fees or buy it out right. … read more

A public fight over a privately owned radio tower is generating a lot of static between Carver County and Hollywood Township.

The township, with about 1,100 residents, is set to take possession of the 659-foot radio tower in the coming weeks as part of a donation from Northern Lights Broadcasting. But the county has $250,000 worth of equipment atop the tower that it uses for public safety radio communications with firefighters, paramedics, sheriff's deputies and other emergency personnel.

And Hollywood Township wants to increase its rent.


What rankles the county is not only the prospect that the township might try to charge more, but that such a vital safety link will be out of county control.


The tower, built in 1999, stands on 13 acres of township-owned land. It was built by a private company and later bought by Northern Lights, which has a new tower and facilities in New Hope. Northern Lights was paying about $9,000 a year in rent to the township.

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