Sunday, January 24, 2010

New TV Antennas Coming out of China

DigiWave out of Canada has a slew of new antenna are the highlights.

Digiwave ANT 3045

This Chinese antenna is designed for Chinese television bands which are slightly different than the US. This means that the VHF High loops are a bit undersized, and thus performance takes a hit. Furthermore the rotor is a disappointment and the electronics are horrendous. However I still love this innovative design with the VHF Double Loops around the UHF reflector screen, plus the UHF Double Loops. Very promising, design. The elements are nice thick aluminum as well, and the VHF and UHF sections each have their own circuit board matching transformer baluns. For myself, I removed all the superfluous electronics and keep the antenna and the baluns tying them together with a UVSJ, and performance is pretty darn good. The build quality is lacking, bu the design is promising.

Digiwave ANT 2075

Another Chinese import which is tuned to slightly different television bands than the US market. I however love the VHF High through UHF Log Perodic design of this antenna, and it works fairly well for the US. I know a fellow that has 2 of these ganged. Like the Double Double Loop from Digiwave above, would like to see something similar designed specifically for the US market. The double boom design adds strength to the antenna.

Digiwave ANT 7287 & ANT 7288

These are interesting twists on the 8 Bay Collinear Broadside Fan Dipole Array, commonly known as the 8 Bay Bowtie. They include a center hinge so that the 4 Bay sections can be angled wider apart or in toward each other. While aiming the 2 sections in these manner are somewhat unpredictable, I really like the versatility this gives the advanced antenna experimenter...or those with difficult situations, with TV transmissions coming from a wide angle of directions.

Dont know if I like the 7287 or 7288 better, as I havent had these to physically inspect there build and dimensions.

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