Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple iPad: Bashed by Bloggers Around the Web

Apple iPad: Bashed by Bloggers Around the Web

The Guardian

The iPad turned out to be, at bottom, an iPod Touch with a big screen. It failed to offer a magical new 3D interface, or an OLED screen, or a built-in projector, or any other revolutionary features. Indeed, it doesn't even have basic features such as a webcam, microphone, USB port, SD card slot, HDMI port, or a standard mobile phone SIM slot, though some of these will be provided at extra cost, via adaptors.

No Flashplayer too?

Ay, yay yay!

The list gets longer and longer...

Lots of links off the article to what the iPad doesnt have (but should or could have had).

Is this the reincarnation of the Apple Newton?

Money line...
Fake Steve Jobs (actually, Newsweek's technology editor Dan Lyons) summed it all up in his live-blog of the launch:
11:01– and i know what you're thinking – we came up with a new device and all we could think to do with it is run the apps that run on your iphone, and have a clone of Kindle, and now run iWork apps? um, yes. that's all we could come up with.
11:04– good lord, did i really say this is the most important thing i've ever done in my life?

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