Wednesday, March 17, 2010

C-SPAN Posts Its Complete Archives Online

CSPAN Video Library 
Introducing the C‑SPAN Video Library. 160,000 hours of political events covered by the C‑SPAN Networks since 1987, with more added each day. Search it. Watch it. Clip it. Share it – all at no charge. Our Video Library lets you follow Washington your way – another public service created by America’s cable television companies. 

Via Television Broadcast 

WASHINGTON: The Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network has now made their entire archive available on the Web site. 
C-SPAN has now loaded up 160,000 hours of video, going back to 1987, on its Web site, with widgets for sharing on Facebook and Twitter. The database is now available online; a formal announcement is due on Wednesday.
The archives continues to record all three C-SPAN networks nonstop, indexing them and placing them in the database. Programs are indexed by subject, speaker names, titles, affiliations, sponsors, committees, categories, formats, policy groups, keywords and location. The congressional sessions and committee hearings are indexed by person with full-text.
Not all the resources are free of charge. All programs since 1993 are digital and can be viewed online for free. Duplicate copies of earlier programs can be obtained and used for education, research, review or home viewing purposes for a fee. Also, some programs are not copyright cleared for sale.

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  1. Hi,This is nice! Everything is going online. This makes everything handy and available anytime.