Wednesday, February 3, 2010

EV's Best Television Antenna Books

This is a list of my favorite Television & FM Antenna Books.  The first 2 books have multiple revisions, new editions, and are really ham radio oriented..  I generally favor older versions of these books, as they were a lot simpler, back in the day.  The rest are generally in order from more favored to lessor favored....though they all made the list....some others didnt.    

ARRL Antenna Handbook

Practical Antenna Handbook -- Joseph J. Carr

Television and FM Antenna Guide -- Noll & Mandl,  1951

TV Installation Techniques -- Samuel L. Marshall, 1950

TV Antennas and Signal Distribution Systems -- M. J. Salvati, 1979

How to Install TV Antennas -- Samuel L. Marshall,  1955

Improving TV Signal Reception -- Dick Glass,  1988

Television Antenna Handbook -- Jack Darr,  1959

Home TV-FM Antenna -- Paul Lawrence & Hansen Elroy,  1974

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